Our Story

Bu-Kai represents the accumulative knowledge of three generations of landscape and design experience. It began with our grandfather, Don Shuler, a horticulturist and landscape designer. His love for the great outdoors and extensive knowledge of plants laid the foundation for his family’s future artistic pursuits. Instilled with an appreciation for hand crafting and natural elements, his children were inspired to follow in his footsteps. Our father, Gary founded Down to Earth Landscaping and Irrigation and our Aunt Anita is a professional sculptor and fine artist. Today, we have joined Anita to form Bu-Kai and pursue the same love of landscape and design with an artistic flare. Our years of experience growing up in the industry have given us the skills and the edge to create environments unique to each individual setting.

Bu-Kai is an industrial design studio specializing in custom fabrication and landscape architecture. Our unique background enables us to compose and enrich the connections between the natural and constructed environment. Our projects range from forging decorative and architectural metalwork to custom designing and installing signs, water and fire features. With an integrative approach that combines art, architecture and engineering, we create desirable quality objects equipped with a sense of purpose.

Our People

Owner/Chief Designer

Two decades of fabrication experience.
CAD design and 3D modelling.
Two decades of landscaping irrigation experience.

Designer and Project Manager

Over a decade of landscape construction experience.
Unique design sense and familiarity with timber and fine woodworking along with stone and concrete.
Culinary degree.

Plant Services and Container Design

Professional sculptor and fine artist.
Background in jewelry design and fabrication.
Previous nursery owner specializing in broad-leaf and evergreen container stock.