Materials Overview

Here at Bu-Kai, we carefully choose our materials and tailor them to each individual project, resulting in high quality, long-lasting pieces. Below you can view examples of the materials we use, and their uses.


Batu Bench Detail

Red Balau (Batu) Wood

Batu wood is a sturdy hardwood that holds up well both in and outdoors with minimal care. The warm red color is flattering in yard and garden settings. Without yearly maintenance the wood will eventually patina to a delicate grey color. We often use it for furniture, decking, and fences or screens. Maintenance includes yearly oiling with a Batu or Ipe specific wood oil. 


Decomposed Granite in Tan Color

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite is used commonly in hardscape settings. It is finer than gravel and comes in several colors. Decomposed Granite requires little to no maintenance. 


Hardscape featuring Column Rock and Tan Decomposed Granite

Basalt Column Rock

Column rock is volcanic rock that grows and is harvested in columns. It is one of the most common types of rock in the world, and requires no maintenance. We like to use it in hardscapes and water features.